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Mr. Jefferson outdoors    

“Your performance as Mr. Jefferson was excellent. You really
made him come alive for all of us. In fact, during Sunday breakfast some
of our bridge club members said they were overwhelmed by your
authenticity! That is a real complement to your talents.”

  Vernon Davis, Leesburg, VA


The typical performance ranges from 45 to
60 minutes, and is adapted to meet the needs and interests of the
audience. Travel and lodging expenses required for performances outside
of Virginia. Fee estimates for a historical reenactment performance will vary according to the length of the performance, the number of historical reenactment, and the size of the audience.

For an estimate or more information, please contact Tom Pitz at or NOTE: If you use Outlook as your default e-mail program, you must have the program open on your computer. It is best to copy and paste either e-mail address in the receipient line of a new email you open within Outlook.

You may also phone me at (540) 672-3189 (home) or (540-223-7168 (cell).