Meet Mr. Jefferson

 TJ in chair 2

Thomas Pitz, a.k.a. Mr. Jefferson, is a resident of beautiful Orange County, the heart of historical Virginia. With Virginia being the home to former presidents Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe and Zachary Taylor, the Piedmont of Virginia serves as a natural spot for Mr. Pitz to call home.

Long an aficionado of Revolutionary Era history, Mr. Pitz has been performing as Mr. Jefferson since 1987. He has amassed a list of clients that ranges from corporate executives and medical faculty to elementary school students. He considers it an honor and a privilege to bring one of America’s greatest historical figures back to life.

“After performing as Mr. Jefferson for many years,” says Mr. Pitz, “I have come to believe that none of the “Founding Fathers” evokes a stronger feeling in people than Thomas Jefferson. They may love him or hate him, but few people can ignore him if they wish to understand America.”

“Every community has its hidden treasures; Tom Pitz is one of ours. His sensitive and scholarly portrayal of Thomas Jefferson has been enthusiastically received by every group we have ever shared him with…. Whether you are planning something special for a large or small gathering, I can whole heartedly commend Tom Pitz for your consideration. He is a reliable professional in his approach and your guests will leave feeling that they have shared an evening with Mr. Jefferson.”

Pat Hamlett, Retired President of Behind the Scenes Tour Company, Charlottesville, VA