In the Company of Thomas Jefferson...

Americans visit museums, battlefields, and homes of historic figures, fascinated by a past that shapes our current habits, thoughts, and values. However, many people want a more life-like sense of our forefathers' thoughts, language, and personalities.

Mr. Thomas Jefferson of Albemarle County, Virginia, would be honored to oblige your wishes through a
"living history"characterization, as interpreted by Mr. Thomas Pitz. Mr. Pitz's performances offer an enter-
taining glimpse into the comments and attitudes of one of America's most influential, yet controversial, "Founding Fathers."

His portrayal allows members of the audience the opportunity to ask Mr. Jefferson about issues of his time
or of our own day. He will respond to the audience, as he would have in similar circumstances, two hundred years ago. You will find, through his responses, both similar and different political realities between the
early 19th and 21st century.

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